And…. Scene.

Golden GateTea Kettle

Here it is: the last post to this blog, which, with the end of my 10 week adventure in the UK, is seeing its curtain call. What an amazing ride, literally and metaphorically. Thanks for joining me on a life changing journey that has rekindled my love of travel, England, and now Oxford. I’m back in San Francisco, but forever altered by the people, the scenery, the culture, and the spirit of Britain.  And not only did I manage to bring home amazing memories and a new perspective, but thanks to a dear friend, have been gifted with my very own electric tea kettle – a daily ritual that evokes warmth, tradition, history, and Englishness. A bittersweet and final “Cheers” everyone!


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  1. Amanda Beck

    What a terrific end! (And, I had no idea electric tea kettles even existed until Peter.)

    Welcome back — and home! 😉 Will speak with you soon!!!


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