London Part II: Revenge of a Jilted Lover

Oh my. It seems my last post, waxing poetic on my newly ignited love affair with a town called Edinburgh, may have disgruntled its competing rival London. Jokes like, “It’s a city on a rock with a bunch of skirt-wearing angry people” made me realize that the long held history of one-upmanship between these two towns is alive and well. But who am I to squelch healthy competition, especially when it’s to my advantage, as my recent weekend visit saw London going into operation uber charm. And charmed I was. This is my first time here during late November and the neighborhoods were in full on Dickensian festiveness, from the twinkle of holiday lights to the warmth of mulled wine huts. But perhaps romance is in the constant discovery, the novel, and new. Like a good book, you want it to continually reveal more with every read. And this visit showed me parts of itself I had never seen. The hidden stacks of the British Library, the remote village of Greenwich, the tucked away pubs among the theater district. The layers and layers of London kept unfolding in a way that makes one wonder if she will ever be completely known. Samuel Johnson knew that “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” My recent romantic tryst has me fully invigorated, teetering on a full-blown commitment and giving new meaning to the proverbial “L” word.



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3 responses to “London Part II: Revenge of a Jilted Lover

  1. Amanda

    What a terrific tale! So happy for and proud of you for diving head first into your adventure! I cannot wait to catch up with you before we head out for our journey (for which your blog is creating a wonderful travel guide! Rick Steves who?). Let me know when you have time to dine between your triumphant return and Christmas! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Jane Cooper

    The trip thru London what a great Thanksgiving card! A happy Thanksgiving to you Julie who us in London. Is this an oxymoron? From who the Puritans left. Thanks again for the new adventures. Love Aunt Jane

  3. sabinaespinet

    OK, lady- You need to re-name this blog to Julie’s Travels because there has been very little studying going on! Glad you are having a blast. Happy Thanksgiving! XO!

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